Weave's MVP didn't embody the lighthearted, engaging and fun experience that was at the root of what Conteneo's brand stand for and their main differentiator.
Conteneo, Inc
UX, UI, Visual design


Mental Models

We asked users to how Weave could look as a physical space to give us an idea of how they see themselves navigating it.

We learned that they saw the system as a series of individual spaces: different spaces for different forum states, frameworks, framework assets, projects, etc.

Need Finding

By eliciting their complaints and requests of our users and observing them interact with the current platform, we discovered that users:
  • Thought the dashboard was confusing
  • Wanted larger backgrounds in forums
  • Thought each framework should have a "home page"
  • Want more control over their forums
  • Wanted to know who is in the forum with them


A User's Journey

We looked at Conteneo's data about how people found their MVP, what they did when they were tried the software out, and where they fell off if they didn't convert.

Agile Storymapping

Once we had a few persona's journeys mapped on the wall, I took the primary persona's journey (Scrum Master), made it digital, and distributed it to the team. It was also printed so that everyone could edit it and add to it as we learned more about people using Weave.

The Information Architecture

The IA of Weave was at the heart of it's redesign. The CTO, founder, and I worked out how we could flatten a system with forums contained in frameworks, contained in projects to better match our user's mental models of Weave.

The Onboarding Flow

Using edited screenshots of the current platform and first-draft design ideas, I plotted the new path of a user's flow traversing:

  • A new trial-to-sign-up process
  • When to send and what would be in their welcome email
  • What if they "tried" Weave twice without signing up?


  • Space
    Prototype for testing IdeaEngine on iPad
  • Space
    Feedback and notes from first test
  • Space
    Feedback and notes from second test

Component Flows

Weave is made up of many different components. One of the more important components, the Guest List, is used across the entire system to add, remove, and edit the people allowed to be in a forum as well as keep track of who has actually joined.

Component Prototypes

Once the flow of components had been defined, I designed a prototype to iterate with the team help the them understand the experience they were developing fully.


Bringing Weave to life

Aong with producing prototypes and iterating per feedback from engineers, I worked alongside them (we had a back-end developer, a front-end developer, and a full-stack guru on the team) to produce (most of) the HTML and CSS.
"All of the navigation was so much more obvious and directly-manipulable.

As a facilitator of many of these forums, explaining how to use the forums became much, much simpler. Overall, an extremely satisfying experience to use now."

- Eric Rapin, Agile Coach, Salesforce

"You’ve done a great job at making the platform easier to use, more visually interesting, easier to understand, and let’s just say:

a great user experience from novice to power user.

- Steve Wilson, Panoptika, Inc

The Original Empty Dashboard

The Original Dashboard

Original Projects

The Original Frameworks Browser

The Original Forum

The Original Forum Info

The Forum

Before the Weave redesign, the existing empty state was void of cues as to what to do, as seen to the right.
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  2. sasa

Project Organizer Heuristics