David Pindrys

The Pacific Pipe Company

Weave is a cloud based platform for serious games.

Conteneo, the company that makes Weave, has a cult following. Makers of the popular book Innovation Games, a series of frameworks to solve business problems with colleagues in person, Weave wasn't growing it's user's base and existing users weren't particularly engaged.

By assesinng the current design, observing, and listening to our users, we uncovered that the trial users, newly signed up users, and even seasoned veterans didn't understand

How might we bring the engagement of playing in-person forums to our digital platform?

How might we make Weave's dashboard easier to use without losing essential functionality?

How might we offer more control over forum settings to facilitators without adding complexity to gameplay?



The Problem

The Pacific Pipe Company hired me to make them their first website.

The Solution

A responsive website running on top of the WordPress CMS, allowing employees of Pacific Pipe Company to add new products to their site as they becmae available.

My Contribution

I consulted with the owner of PPC to flesh out his business needs and designed a sitemap with him. I iterated on wireframes until I was satisfied, and presented a few different medium fidelity mockups to find the right look and feel before I designed an developed a custom WordPress theme for the site.

My Role

UX Engineer


March 2014 – July 2014

Team Members

Ashwin Ramesh (dev)


Adobe Illustrator, Sublime Press

Full Case Study Coming Soon™