The Health & Harvest Fair

Helping the Food Allies get organized and Brooklyn resients find their way to healthy food resources.
Koa IT, Department of Defense
UX, UI, Visual design
The Initial List of Activities

The initial list of vendors and activities that the Food Allies were using to organize their fair with.

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  • Map
The List, Re-thought

During a meeting with the Food Allies, I was able to organize the list into categories and flesh out the most important info that would be needed by visitors to the fair.

The Fair Schedule

Once the activities were split into 4 categories, I made icons for each and listed the activites by the time they'd be happening.

The Initial Map of Food Resources

Ingrid Burrington did a fantastic job at putting together a map of the food resources available in our town.

The Map, a Bit Clearer

By shifting around the map key a bit I was able to make the map a little easier to read and free up the area on top of the park - which served as a great waufinding anchor.

By making the colors more earthy, it complimented the programs other side.

The Printed Program

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